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Internet Business StrategyThe world has witnessed a staggering advance of the Internet in recent decades. Traditional shops like bookstores, music stores and travel agencies are steadily losing ground and disappearing from street scenes. Web-based shops are taking over. More and more, we see laptop entrepreneurs making their living by working from creative hubs or coffee shops. The Internet is even reshaping government and politics across the globe.

The digital revolution that we are witnessing in the form of Webshops, social media, mobile Internet on smartphones and tablets will have sweeping social and economic ramifications in the years to come. This Internet Business Strategy course not only maps out these ramifications, but shows how entrepreneurs, company managers, employees, students and policy makers around the globe can use the rapid advance of the Internet to their advantage.

This course provides the building blocks for designing a comprehensive Internet strategy, whether for business or in the public sector. It will be useful to anyone interested in new ways of thinking, learning, working, doing business and making money. Internet Business Strategy is supervised by Prof. Dr. Willem Vermeend (Internet entrepreneur and Open University of the Netherlands), Prof. Dr. Rick van der Ploeg (University of Oxford) and Jan Willem Timmer (LL.M., Harvard University and M.Sc., University of Oxford).